Knothole Theology is a shared word about God predicated on the illustration that we are all ‘kids looking at God through knotholes in a fence’. As we view Him through the views He provides in Scripture, it’s only as we share these views that we gain a more complete view point. So, no one person is provided the whole view. No room for pride. No room for self-sufficiency. But there is room for assessment (judgement?) of the views. We make room for sharing alternate views through the knothole, but the ‘knothole’ is always Scripture. That’s the view provided by God, so it’s the one He cares most about.

The ‘knotholes’ I’m currently viewing through are the passages I study for personal growth in my relationship with my Master. I move through Scripture by book, and avoid topics. Since I translate the passages I study, topical study is a lot more work. I’m not opposed to topical study as a method, though, because they provide great views of our Savior’s character. But, since there’s no shortage of knotholes, who knows?


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  1. Wally Fry says:

    Thanks for coming by my place earlier, Matt, hope to hear from you again.


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