To Whom We Relate Religiously

We choose fellows based on widely varied criteria, but, in every case, that criteria also excludes some sorts of people.  Would our criteria exclude God, if we believe what He says about Himself?

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A Repeated Biblical Theme

We say that the God having inspired Scripture is all about redemption, but it still surprises us when we see it.  “The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief corner stone.” (Psalm 118:22 ESV).  We know it, we’ve read it, but it still surprises us when we stumble over it in Scripture. Now Jephthah […]

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The Negotiator

It’s very easy to read the Hebrew Scriptures about characters from the Late Bronze Age, and be prejudiced about their intelligence and sophistication.  It’s one of the ways we read into a passage assumptions based on our own culture and practice.

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Choose Belief?

One of the challenges we have, as followers of God, is to relate to Him as He is, rather than as we want Him to be.  It’s the false intimacy, imagining God different than He reveals Himself in Scripture, which forms our “iniquity”; the twisting of our relationship with Him. Now the Spirit of the […]

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Senseless Senselessness

So, people will wipe out elephants in their continent so they can kill more people.  And we are loosing more of our children to slavery because we can’t figure out how families are supposed to work.  It’s ridiculous.  But it’s not new.

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Geography of Deliverance

One of the interesting details of Judges is the geography of the events. Never having been to Israel (a travesty I hope to remedy one day), I don’t exactly know the lay of the land.  But generally speaking the spaces covered on a map are confusing, and that’s when we can find the locations on map.

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