X Marks the Spot

There is a structure in Hebrew poetry referred to as “chiastic parallelism“.  It was used to emphasize whatever was put in the center, the “crux” of the structure.  It might be that this structure was used in these verses.  Sort of, any way.  There’s a piece in the center that seems to be missing, the […]

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Repeating Joshua, Sort of

Errors in Scripture drive people on two sides of a debate into a frenzy.  And since there’s nothing more fun than throwing a string of firecrackers into a massive catfight, here we go.  This entry wanders into the impassioned quagmire of a discussion, and fearlessly calls everyone involved on their obvious faults.  At least, from […]

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What Did God Want?

People, people who believe and follow the One True God, desire to know what He wants, His will.  Or, they think they do.  Does this Creator we worship, Who we follow, does He also meet our standards or follow our senses of justice and propriety?  I hope not, and we would probably say no, but […]

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The Wrong Treatment of Women

I have been working through Judges, partly using a commentary I found frustrating.  The writer simply had nothing positive to say about the people of God depicted in Judges throughout the commentary.  While that’s the typical traditional view, and the author does a decent job supporting each view, it’s also very limited in what it […]

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Stupid Oaths

In the Occidental mind, rule is best when spread among many individuals, either in a parliament or congress.  On the other hand the truly ridiculous is only possible with a group mentality.  Individuals are rarely this creative or destructive.  Once body parts have been sent as invitations, anything becomes possible for the resulting assembly. Now […]

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Foreshadowing, Forewarning

I am doing something different.  In the next month (February), I will be somewhere else, among other people than those I’ve been with for the last five years.  So, what I’ve been doing, preparing for teaching, will have to change.  I won’t have people to teach. But, through preparing to teach the book of Judges, […]

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