Recording The Glory

I have been struggling with astro photography for some time now. Last night was no different struggling to get my setup to “plate solve”.

Throughout the struggle, my motivation has been the same: To glorify my Creator. I have always been amazed by the heavens, and I wanted to capture some of that amazement. David captured it and summarized it this way:

The heavens recount the glory of El
The work of His hands is announced by the expanse

Psalm 19:1 (my own translation)

I finally gave up plate solving, and without further adjustment to my scope or camera, I caught the following shots of the Orian Nebula (M42), one of my very favorite things in the sky. They are 20-second, 30-second, and 40-second exposures at ISO 6400, and I took out a “green” hue in Adobe Photoshop Express.

I hope they bless you with the sense and scope of the One to Whom we pray. If this is His artwork, think of what He can do in your life. There’s more color in a 30-second picture than you see with your eye through a telescope. There’s a lesson in that too. Sometimes the “glory” and “work of His hands” are only visible later or over time.

Have a blessed day.