A Stitch of Literature

Ever read through a story in Scripture and go, “Wait, what? That doesn’t sound right.”  Well, you may often do that in Judges.  If you consider what it took to write this book, the task would seem impossible.

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Behavioral Approach to Spiritual Mental Health

There is a behavioral pattern among people that we continually return to our fractured busted dangerous habits.  Addicts of any type continue destructive behavior even though they hate it, and themselves because of it.  The result of shame from the activity, feeds the need for the activity, and the cycle continues.  Eventually, they loose everything to this destructive pattern, even though they see it coming.  What is wrong with us?

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The Fabled Curse of Jotham

There are a lot of things in the Bible that confuse people, and I don’t want to add to the list. Yet, we have here one of the oddest accounts, but which clearly illustrates God’s hand at work through seemingly unrelated circumstances.

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Good Roots Gone Very Bad

The sad story of Judges continues after Gideon dies, with the sad story of his children.  Gideon’s faithfulness and courage seems to have imprinted only a few, for some reason.  I would hope to have more of a lasting impact after having done so much for a people.  He sank good roots into his people, but the produce was lacking when it came to harvest.

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